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2018 Workshop Offerings

Bodhrán – Beyond “Down, Up, Down, Up” with Jeremy Wade

This workshop will give bodhrán players of all skill levels the opportunity to explore their creativity within the context of Irish traditional music. In addition to establishing a strong technical foundation, we will discuss several concepts – including alternate sticking patterns, voicing, ornamentation, etc. – that will help you to accompany any tune with a high degree of musicality. There w...
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Traditional Song with Jil Chambless

Let’s sing some songs! Jil will have several selections of some favorite songs – Irish, Scottish, old, new, sad, funny…a variety - and we’ll see how many we can get through in the time we have. No experience necessary, just a willingness to sing with the group. You might like to bring a recording device. Words will be provided.
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Piping with Skip Cleavinger

In Skip’s uilleann piping class, participants will learn a couple of dance tunes and discuss how pipers approach phrasing and ornamentation of the tunes. All ability levels are welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’ve played the pipes for many years or if you are just considering taking them up- there will be something for you in this class!
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Irish Fiddle (Advanced) with Rebecca Rose

This fiddle workshop will delve in the bowing and left hand articulations that will help you play with style, clarity and flow.  We'll study different bowing patterns and how they can influence the feel of a tune.  Bring your favorite tune to share and we can also try a new tune or two!
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DADGAD Guitar with Davey Mathias

DADGAD guitar tuning has become ubiquitous in Irish and Celtic music. Learn from Davey Mathias why it is so suitable for rhythmic and modal tunes. He will cover the tuning and setup, strumming patterns, chord progressions, chord choices and use of the capo.
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Accompaniment for Irish Tunes (Beginner) with Randy Clepper

This class will teach the basics of Irish tune accompaniment. We'll talk about the standard types of tunes (jigs, reels, etc.), their rhythms, common chords, and what makes Irish accompaniment different from accompanying other musical styles.  We'll talk about listening, as well as how much -- and how little -- to play.  Guitars and bouzoukis are welcome - heck, any accompaniment instrument is wel...
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Young Fiddlers Workshop with Amanda Morgan

This is an introduction to playing Irish fiddle & session playing, suitable for young fiddle players between the ages of 10-12. We will learn a common session tune by ear and then visit the slow session towards the end of the workshop. I will provide sheet music as a memory aid to take home. Please bring a recording device. The workshop will be limited to 10 kids. Please note that this is a...
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Traditional Irish Dance with Katelyn Dunn

Irish Step Dance has existed for centuries. This graceful and powerful dance so-rooted in Irish history continues to mesmerize today. During this workshop you will learn the basics of Irish Step dance posture and footwork by learning solo and group dances. So come kick up your heels, learn something new, and most of all have fun with this energetic dance form!
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Irish Fiddle (Beginning) with Andi Hearn

This workshop will be geared towards students that are newer fiddle players and/or new to playing Irish music on the fiddle (ie. You are somewhat comfortable with your instrument and maybe already playing a tune or two or ten).  We will have a strong focus on learning by ear with the goal of learning one or two tunes in the class with time for discussion of techniques and tools to boost your learn...
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