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2020 Workshop Offerings

Bodhrán – Beyond “Down, Up, Down, Up”

This workshop will give bodhrán players of all skill levels the opportunity to explore their creativity within the context of Irish traditional music. In addition to establishing a strong technical foundation, we will discuss several concepts – including alternate sticking patterns, voicing, ornamentation, etc. – that will help you to accompany any tune with a high degree of musicality.There w...
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Ceili Dance

All experience levels are welcome to come to the Irish Ceili (social) Dance Class. Students will learn the two basic steps used as well as several Ceili dances. Ceili dance is one of the root dances for American Contra and Square dancing.
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This class will explore approaches to the accompaniment of Irish music with dadgad tuning. Focus will be placed on rhythm, chord selection, phrasing, and right - and left-hand techniques.
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Irish Flute

Topics covered include intonation, breath control, embouchure, posture, ornamentation, basic repertoire, listening recommendations. Bring Irish flute in the key of D, and a recording device.
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Melody for Plectrum Strings

This class covers Irish melody style playing for fretted instruments tuned GDAE, using standard flatpicking technique.  We will focus on technique and stylistic considerations -- including that all-important triplet!  Session tunes that are appropriate to the needs of the group will be used as examples.  A recording device will be helpful.
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In Skip’s uilleann piping class, participants will learn a couple of dance tunes and discuss how pipers approach phrasing and ornamentation of the tunes. All ability levels are welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’ve played the pipes for many years or if you are just considering taking them up- there will be something for you in this class!
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Rhythm Accompaniment for Irish Tunes

Rhythm Accompaniment for Irish Tunes will cover chord progressions and rhythmic structure for one reel and one jig.  We will also discuss practical aspects of accompanying Irish music, such as string gauges for instruments using alternate tunings, the use of alternate tunings, to capo or not to capo, accompaniment etiquette, how to navigate your way through a session, etc.
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Traditional Song

Let’s sing some songs! Jil will have several selections of some favorite songs – Irish, Scottish, old, new, sad, funny…a variety - and we’ll see how many we can get through in the time we have. No experience necessary, just a willingness to sing with the group. You might like to bring a recording device. Words will be provided.
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