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Anna Colliton

Anna Colliton is one of America’s leading exponents of the bodhrán, the traditional Irish frame drum. A native of Chicago, a city of Irish musical excellence, Anna plays a highly intricate style of drumming with masterful tonal and rhythmic variation. She has taught and performed at festivals across the country, including Catskills Irish Arts Week, Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, The O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, The St. Louis Tionol, CCE MAD Week, and Augusta Celtic week, as well as with the Academy of Irish Music in Chicago and the Irish Arts Center in New York. Anna toured with the band Comas for several years and has recently returned from a three year stay at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where she performed at the International Showcase at Epcot Theme Park. She has also played and performed with Cherish the Ladies, the Paul McKenna Band, Girsa, and others.

Anna Colliton will be teaching Bodhrán – Beyond “Down, Up, Down, Up” at Tune Junkie Weekend 2020.