February 3-5th 2017

That's right, the 9th annual Tune Junkie Weekend is just over the horizon!!! There will be all you have come to expect and more. Tunes, Food, beverages of various sorts, more tunes, additional beverages, really really really bad jokes, more tunes, luxurious restrooms, awkward pauses after jokes that are shockingly worse than the previous bad jokes and finally, more tunes. Then possibly one last beverage. Ok, maybe another tune after that. Haven't been to Tune Junkie Weekend before? Well, then get yer butt there the first weekend of February 2017. Feb 3-5th Friday night will be a potluck session 7pm til it ends at High Places Community Church also known as the Historic Grove Theater. Saturday will be filled with workshops, sessions, a concert and more sessions. Workshops start at 11am. Concert at 7pm. All of Saturdays events also occur at High Places Community Church/Historic Grove Theater Sunday will involve a wonderful brunch and farewell session in downtown Knoxville at Boyd's Jig & Reel!! 11am-4pm The brunch is for attendees only and will cost $11.99 for an excellent buffet style brunch!! The farewell session will open at 1pm for anyone who wishes to listen in!! More information will soon be available online at www.tunejunkie.org You will soon be able to sign up for classes, buy concert ticksets or just make a donation to Traditional Irish Arts of Knoxville online, which is highly recommended in order to help us be better prepared for the weekend, but go ahead and mark those calendars!! Thanks, we look forward to seeing everyone at TJW2017!!