When is it held? Where is it?


This year’s Tune Junkie Weekend will be February14th, 15th & 16th 2014. 

Friday & Saturday’s events will be held at the High Places Community Church/The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge TN.  The Sunday Farewell sessions will be held at Boyd’s Jig and Reel Pub in Knoxville, TN



So what is the Tune Junkie Weekend?


The Tune Junkie weekend is an annual event sponsored by local organizations & businesses in Knoxville and Oak Ridge TN to promote Traditional Irish Music.


More specifically it is an excuse for traditional musicians to get together and see our friends and play loads of tunes, imbibe on a responsible amount of adult beverages and have some killer craic!!



How did the the Tune Junkie Weekend start?


In a way it is a spinoff of the Swannannoa Gathering’s Celtic Week in Black Mountain NC. Every year in July traditional musicians gather to play loads of tunes, imbibe on responsible amounts of adult beverages and have some killer craic. During one summer’s events two musicians Chad Beauchaine & Keith Carr realized “we don’t want to have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to to THIS again” So, in short…….They didn’t


Jason Herrera immediately saw the potential (by potential I mean the copious amounts of fun that would be had) of this event. With his efforts and the generous support of the High Places Community Church we had a venue!  Thus the Tune Junkie Weekend was born and this year’s event will be the 5th Annual TJW!!



So Who Supports the Tune Junkie Weekend?


Check out these past and present sponsors. A big THANK YOU to all these organizations and local businesses!





Welcome to the annual Tune Junkie Weekend!

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